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In 2014, the United States had 4,679 fatal occupational injuries; incidence rate of 3.3 per 100,000 full-time employed workers. In the same year, fatal work injuries in construction and extraction occupations increased 5%. One in five workers died in 2014 were due to construction related deaths. Construction has about 6% of U.S. workers, but 17% of the fatalities - the largest number of fatalities reported for any industry sector. In the United Kingdom, the construction industry is responsible for 31% of fatalities at work and 10% of major workplace injuries. In South Africa there are 150 fatalities and approximately 400 injuries each year related to construction sites. In Brazil, the incidence rate for all occupational fatalities is 3.6 per 100,000 (Little to no information regarding construction fatalities could be found in Asia, South American, Africa, and Antarctic).

In the Philippines It was observed that cases of occupational diseases increased in eleven industry groups. High increases were very much evident in mining and quarrying at 983.7% (from 854 to 9,255); construction at 377.1% (from 875 to 4,175); administrative and support service activities at 329.1% (from 13,078 to 56,115); and information and communications at 177.3% (from 2,257 to 6,258). Among industry groups, manufacturing recorded the largest share of occupational diseases in 2011 at 36.4% (31,096), followed by administrative and support service activities at 15.3% (13,078). While in 2013, administrative and support service activities (32.7% or 56,115) surpassed manufacturing industry (29.8% or 51,110).…/LABSTAT%20UPDATES/vol19_19.pdf

That is why Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training is important to all. Having the knowledge in health and safety will surely decrease the figures stated here in.

In regards we are inviting everyone to Enroll in our COSH Safety Training on September 1 - 04 2017@BPSU main Campus Balanga City Bataan.

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