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Learn Basic Sketching and Freehand Drawing without using computers .
HIGHLIGHTS: --applicable for all ages ( kids/teens/adults)
--learn to draw/sketch manually using pencil or pens
--develop the ability to draw whats on your mind benefits of drawing/sketching:
Extends memory: “The better you become at translating imagery from your mind to paper, the more visual resources you will have to draw on and the easier it will be to retrieve them in the future.”
Aids concentration: “Sketching stimulates us to a comfortable level — enough to keep us awake, concentrated and engaged…
Some believe that we reach deeper levels of concentration and develop richer concepts when our own hands are the hardware.” Allows for flexibility:
“Because of our brain’s limited processing capacity, externalizing our ideas on paper makes it easier to restructure them, transforming the initial structure into a new one.” Mental Health Benefits
--Drawing clearly benefits our mental health. On one hand, drawing favors concentration, and helps us to acquire it, as when we draw, we can be focused on what we want to get across, and not on other things.
Also, it helps to distract us from difficult problems or difficult situations that we may be going through, while we do something relaxing and which allows us to go our own pace and create unhindered pieces of art.


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