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Affordable Appraisal Service by a PRC Licensed
Professional Real Estate Appraiser
Professional Appraiser Fee
Fee below changes without prior notice

For Real Estate Property in Metro Manila
P10,000 if lot only
P15,000 if house and lot, condo
P20,000 if building and lot; warehouse

Real Estate Property outside NCR
P10,000 if lot only
P20,000 if house and lot
P25,000 if building and lot; warehouse

fees are subject to change without prior notice

For Equipment Appraisal, contact us.
Pay our appraisal service fee once we submit the Comprehensive Appraisal Report to you - with dry seal - within 7 working days excluding Saturday and Sunday

Contact us for the latest fee on appraisal.

Documents needed (photocopy only)
Title. TCT or CCT. Latest Tax Dec
Tax Receipt on last payment of realty tax
Optional or other documents which may be asked depending on the appraisal project such as vicinity map, location map...

Purposes or Reason for Appraisal
You need to tell us the reason
Determine the fair market value of your property
Requirement for you to file your bank loan
Basis for selling your property
Expropriation case in court
BIR Tax Purpose
BIR requirement
Transfer of Stock
and others

We have been doing appraisal for years. You may use our service for your needs.
Big appraisal companies charge high appraisal fee while it is the same appraisal that they do as we do.
Why pay for a huge fee if you have an option to pay less while your appraisal requirement is met.
Affordable Broker Service by a PRC Licensed

Professional Real Estate Broker
If you need an honest broker to help you in finding a willing buyer, a tenant or lessee for your real estate properties. We find buyers by exposing your property to network of licensed brokers, including your property in our listings online and offline, use of advance technology, word of mouth, simply all possible known means, to increase the probability that your property will be sold in time. We do not promise, but we work for you.

Real Estate Broker Fee is just 5% of the Actual Total Selling Price
This is paid only when the property is paid by the buyer

We need a photocopy of your TCT for our reference and file. We shall ask other details such as area, bedroom, etc. information relevant to your property. More information about your property, the better.

You tell us your selling price so we can give you some professional advice on the processes or procedures in real estate property selling work which some owners do not know. You inform us the reason for selling.

We need you to provide us with the Authority to Sell, if you would like us to be your broker to find a buyer for your property.

For leasing concerns on your property - house, apartment, condo, townhouse, building, warehouse, etc - we take one month lease on a per year contract, otherwise, it is computed pro-rata; or we can negotiate this matter.

For inquiry or questions
You may leave a message here or contact 09175447717 09189464623 or email

Engr. Ronald Pornobi
Real Estate Appraiser
PRC License No. 0004477

Real Estate Broker
PRC License No. 0015354

Registered Civil Engineer
PRC License No. 0136522

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