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Just released in September 2017, the DR750S-2CH is BlackVue's newest flagship dual-lens dashcam. The DR750S-2CH is a dual-lens (two channel) dashcam system that records in 1080p resolution (from both front and rear lenses). As the successor to the DR650S Series, BlackVue DR750S Series sets a new standard for connected dashcams. Not only does the DR750S-2CH offer a direct WiFi connection and BlackVue Over-the-Cloud capability, but it also brings you image quality and performance rarely seen in a dashcam.

Our favorite new features of the DR750S-2CH

• Full HD 1080p Sony STARVIS™ sensors in both front and rear cameras, for improved image quality even in low-light conditions
• Framerate doubled! 60FPS from the front camera for fluid-like videos packed with detail
• Event File Overwrite Protection: turn this new option on to protect up to 50 event files from being overwritten
• Adaptive Format-Free File Management: improved recording stability and reduced need for periodic microSD card formatting
• Scheduled Reboots in Parking Mode: enable this option to improve system stability. Like any computer user knows, regular reboots are never a bad idea to keep things running smoothly

Performance and Functionality

Upgrade to a Sony STARVIS™ sensor with Full HD 1080p at up to 60FPS (frames per second) on the front camera. STARVIS imaging sensors are the new benchmark in mobile video clarity, especially under low light conditions. The extra clarity provided by the STARVIS sensors ensures that your dashcam will capture critical details whether you are driving your vehicle, or letting the DR750S-2CH monitor your vehicle while it is parked.
The advantage of 60FPS video capture is that your video will be silky smooth and packed with twice as much information when compared to a 30FPS system. The DR750S-2CH front camera has a new "Sport Mode" where the framerate is set to 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in moments of fast action. With 60fps, motion blur is significantly reduced, compared to 30fps. That means your BlackVue can better capture important details of an event, such as those critical license plate numbers.

Of course, the higher the framerate and image quality settings are, the bigger the file size will be. So as a heads up, this means there may be an increase in the time necessary to transfer video files over Wi-Fi. With that being said, remote Live View using BlackVue Over-the-Cloud is not affected by the image quality and framerate settings.

By default, the DR750S-2CH records audio from inside the vehicle, but audio recording can be disabled permanently in the BlackVue settings, or temporarily by swiping your finger on the left side of the front camera. The power cord and rear video cable connections on the DR750S-2CH are compatible with previous generation DR650S and DR650GW dashcams; making the upgrade to dual 1080p dashcam protection even easier. However, the front windshield mount of the 750S is not compatible with the 650S, so the mount will need to be replaced if you're upgrading from a 550 or 650.

BlackVue Over the Cloud
With the free Over-the-Cloud service, check on your car from anywhere, anytime. Have an internet connection (built-in or via mobile WiFi hotspot) in your vehicle? Perfect! You're already set to utilize all of the features that come with a free BlackVue Over-the-Cloud account. Please click here to learn more about BlackVue Over-the-Cloud(external link to BlackVue's cloud page, opens in a new window).

The DR750S-2CH is designed to mount in the front and rear windshields to record audio and video of what is going on in front of and behind your car. With simple plug-and-play operation, you can be safely recording both in front of and behind your car in Full 1080p HD, in a matter of minutes!
For a hard-wired installation, and so that you can enable "Parking Mode" recording, we recommend pairing the DR750S-2CH with the Power Magic Pro battery discharge prevention module.

A Note on Memory Cards

The DR750S-2CH includes either a 16, 32, 64, or 128GB BlackVue memory card inside the sealed BlackVue box. You may select the size of card that meets your needs above. While the microSD memory card is removable and technically the card slot will accept other brands of memory cards, we strongly suggest the use of only BlackVue memory cards in the BlackVue dashcams. Why? We're not out just to sell you an expensive card, here's the deal: The BlackVue brand memory cards are industrial-grade and are designed to withstand the extreme high and low temperatures of being inside of hot and cold vehicles day in and day out, and they are also designed to cope with the constant read/write cycles of a high quality dashcam, without fail. We do hear from our customers that problems do occur when using non-BlackVue memory cards, and BlackVue themselves warn against the use of third-party memory cards.

DR750S-2CH vs DR650S-2CH:
• Increased video quality & low light performance: Sony STARVIS image sensors vs Sony EXMOR sensors
• Increased resolution: 1080p rear camera vs 720p rear camera
• Increased framerate: 60fps vs 30fps (front camera only)
• New Event File Overwrite Protection
• New Adaptive Format-Free File Management
• New Scheduled Reboots
• Independent brightness setting for both front and rear camera

The bottom line
This is the one you've been waiting for. Finally, a cloud-enabled, dual 1080p dashcam that meets the high quality and beautiful design standards of the BlackVue brand. This is the one we'll all be fighting to get in our own vehicles here at The Dashcam Store, if that gives you any indication of how we feel about it! Throw in 60FPS forward-facing video, and we have to wonder if this is the best possible discreet dual lens dashcam on the market today?

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